Comments received upon leaving the Met Office

Front of a leaving card with a photo of Sanjay with a photoshoped green goatie
It's never good to upset anyone in the design team. They know how to get you back!

The Met Office contract was truly a most wonderful time for me and will always be grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

It's good people that make a place great to work in. And certainly the Met Office were full of them.

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Here are some other leaving comments I received:

► Next week you may be gone, but certainly not forgotten! - Dr Ben Shipway, Research Scientist

► I wanted to say I enjoyed working with you and appreciated your efforts in driving forward the control we have over our pages. - Dr Jon Petch, Manager of Clouds and Radiation Group

► Its been a real pleasure to work with you, I liked you from the moment we first met, and should our paths cross, will be glad to see you again. - Sarah Spedding, Customer Feedback Co-Coordinator

► Many thanks for the delicious cakes, and also for your hard work while here!  - Graeme Conacher-Crow,   Production Acceptance Manager

► Well done on progress with the CMS, and most off all good luck. - Name withheld, Communications Department

► Its been great working with you. Make sure you entertain the next company you work for with your Red Indian headdress! - Catherine Slatcher, Communications Advisor

► Great having you here for the past few months. I promise I will complete the CMS training in the next few weeks now! - Simon Anderson, Internal Communications Executive

► It was a pleasure to work with you and I have learnt lots from you. You did a really good job on the CMS and I saw another (and better) way to get things done. - Chris Stephens, Customer Experience Manager

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