Internet Content Manager

Photograph of Sanjay Morzaria wearing a white shirt and a blue tie talking to someone.
Sanjay took Aon's website to another level.

My two years at Aon gave me the opportunity to take on challenges like managing offshore relationships for the success of projects, partaking in the review of web standards and being responsible for presenting and sharing knowledge through conferences and forums.

It was also a great experience to have been completely responsible for the management and development of Aon's UK website (using TeamSite) and its online marketing activities (using Eloqua).

My time at Aon allowed me to take on the following responsibilities and website initiatives:

  • Working with the Global Web Team in the United States, developing the strategic direction for the website which focused on customer self service and lead generation.
  • Stakeholder management across all business units (including identifying potential sponsors and champions who would promote key projects, managing expectations, prioritisation of work and detailed requirement analysis)
  • Invited by the British Standards Institute to be part of a Review Panel for PAS 124 - Defining, Managing and Implementing Organizational Web Standards. This was published in April 2008.
  • Raised the profile of Aon by chairing a web content conference in London in September 2007.
  • Created and implemented a governance framework which included DDA and regulatory compliance for a financial services environment (FSA, Data Protection Act, Copyright, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)
  • Trained key marketing managers on the online marketing tool Eloqua. Ensured accurate reporting of all campaigns into the CRM database and forecast of future revenues
  • Developed and implemented a UK domain name management strategy
  • Lead and facilitated a European web manager's forum with a focus on knowledge sharing and process improvement
  • Designed and launched a formal Service Level Agreement process for content owners (pdf; 2 pages; 95 KB) as a quality assurance tool. This resulted in web content owners taking particular care in following company guidelines and best practice when publishing content. More importantly, clients received a much richer interaction with the website.
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