Conferences I have chaired or presented at

Sanjay Morzaria with a delegate at a conference
I love the networking opportunities conferences present.

Over the past seven years, I have been invited to chair or present at a number of web related conferences. As I became more proficient at managing websites, my expertise was recognised by my peer group externally leading to these invitations.

Extracting maximum value from your intranet

Managing information services - including intranets - is challenging, frustrating, but ultimately highly rewarding. With delivery dependent on a of myriad factors that often fall outside the intranet managers' control, good governance is essential for success.

Streamlining web content publishing and approval

Your website is an important resource for your organisation. Used effectively websites can strengthen the organisation’s reputation and brand, drive business and provide essential information to customers and clients.

Achieving a competitive edge through content management

Effective content management is the key to satisfying the demands of your organisation's internal and external customers.

Planning and sustaining a streamlined strategy for websites

Many organisations are now exploring the possibility of managing their content with a single view, through ECM. The task itself is an overwhelming one which companies are now starting to address.

Encourage the frequent and consistent usage of the intranet

I chaired this conference, organised by Marketing Week, which explored ways to create innovative, compelling and relevant content to attract employees to your intranet. And demonstrate a positive ROI.

Creating a user-centric intranet

Re-launching a user-centric intranet that adds value and meets your business objectives.

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