Online Specialist

Photograph of Sanjay Morzaria wearing a light blue shirt.
An exciting role working on a pure e-commerce site.

My time at Blockbuster as an Online Specialist required me to regularly interact with the company's management team, business units and third party web developers to ensure business objectives were met through appropriate requirements analysis and identification.

It was essential that these requirements were accurately translated into accurate functional and technical specifications for use by the web development teams in question.

  • Implemented new customer service functionalities on the website improving overall user experience for the customer
  • Scoped the requirements for Blockbuster's new vacancy functionality, from initial business and technical requirements through to researching appropriate companies for quotation, to final vendor selection. This was implemented using third party developers based offshore
  • Managed a strategic review of the website which involved inclusion of internal staff, third party developers, external partners and agencies. This resulted in the identification of over 190 areas for improvement which were then prioritised for further development
  • Reviewed the reporting process of missing rental DVD's in the post. This required the development of a close working relationship with Royal Mail in order to develop a new electronic process which reduced staff head count for the company as well as increased the accuracy and efficiency of refunds
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