Project Manager of e-Media migration

Photograph of Sanjay Morzaria wearing an orange and white stripped shirt.
Sanjay helping the Cabinet Office deliver positive results on the web.

Having worked at the Cabinet Office for nearly nine months, I've had the opportunity to manage a team of six other professionals and provide advice and support for Cabinet Office's exploitation of e-media and use of electronic communication on a number of key government websites.

I was also relied upon for practical and strategic support from other Cabinet Office Management Units; helping them to deliver positive results as evidenced by successful projects and initiatives meeting their communication needs.

The position demanded confidence, and effective management skills and techniques for a variety of activities and expectations as outlined below:

  • Management of the contractual relationship for the main web infrastructure and CMS
  • Position of Contract Manager for the Civil Service Recruitment Gateway website (delivered through the careers website and third parties).
  • Overseeing the website rationalisation programme to provide a more focused and sustainable web presence for the Cabinet Office
  • Managing the delivery of an enhanced Civil Service website with new content and enhanced functionality
  • Managing the e-Media team (currently six staff), through leadership, staff management and budget management skills, to deliver excellent websites and electronic communication for the Cabinet Office
  • Working with and assist other teams in Cabinet Office communications and management units to provide excellent communications for the Department
  • Assisting in the effective management and delivery of Cabinet Office Communications as part of the communications management team
  • Maintaining quality standards in technical and editorial areas
  • Negotiate the best response to agreed policies from the Cabinet Office's Delivery and Transformation Group, with other government units
  • Updating sites as required in line with publishing deadlines whilst ensuring the quality and clarity of web content is improved
  • Contributing to the development of processes and protocols

Lunch invitation for the House of LordsOn a number of occasions I had the opportunity to take part in external conferences, events and presentations.

The invitation on the right was for lunch at the House of Lords from The International Visual Communications Association

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