Intranet Manager

Photograph of Sanjay Morzaria wearing a purple shirt during a conference call
Changed the AXA corporate intranet into a business critical tool.

Management of the content and structure of the corporate intranet for 12K employees was a key aspect of this role. It included effective budgetary control, strong project management, and evaluating business needs and priorities. As part of my strategy for improving the intranet, I undertook employee feedback and user consultation sessions in order to increase usability and content quality of the site.

  • Managed a team of six web developers (two remote), based on keeping to a dedicated budget. Two of the developers were in an offshore team in India and they were used for various projects at AXA
  • Developed an electronic employee directory (using LDAP & PHP), which saved the company £30K annually in printed copies. The functionality for the directory was developed after extensive research and Heuristic evaluation during initial usability testing with employees
  • Created an e-commerce website to offer wine to UK employees which came from corporately owned European vineyards. The website generated the highest quantity of wine sold of all European countries
  • Working with a third party to organise an online payment system through the AXA firewall for staff to donate money to charities
  • Implemented a process that linked on-line and off-line promotion of the Company sponsorship magazine on the intranet. This increased readership by 35%
  • Negotiated with the parent company to include the UK in a portal pilot which resulted in an investment of €200K. This required extensive collaboration with a technical team from France
  • Developed the on-line Brand guidelines and implemented them across the whole intranet within a three month period
  • Chaired an Enterprise Content Management conference (pdf; 3 pages; 95 KB) in Kuala Lumpur in November 2004. Also, raised the external profile of AXA by Chairing a conference organised by the well known 'Marketing Week', and successfully encouraged the less-forthcoming delegates to contribute
  • Designed and led intranet induction workshops for all new staff to AXA
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