Intranet Manager

Photograph of Sanjay Morzaria wearing a dark suit.
Developed a user and needs focused intranet strategy.

For Deloitte I developed a intranet strategy which was very user and needs focused. An element of the strategy involved working with the day-to-day content. Throughout this role I was keen to ensure that particular emphasis was placed on the review, improvement and maintenance of usability factors, information architecture, quality of the content provided and the information needs of the Organisation's Knowledge Managers.

At the end of my contract a new, improved, needs orientated intranet was born and well on its way off the back of the various activities below:

  • Management of a small team of technical web developers in line with a dedicated budget
  • Undertook a usability survey which resulted in creating typical user personas of the intranet which allowed increased focus on implementing identified requirements
  • Implementation of a card sort exercise with sample users to establish the information architecture of the navigation of the intranet
  • Implemented a site visit reporting (WebTrends) process to understand usage of the intranet in order to improve the content quality. This was used by 16 key Knowledge Managers for this purpose, successfully
  • Designed training material for Content Editors, which covered areas such as the use of the CMS (Vignette) and writing for the web (including plain English)
  • Consulted with senior Partners of the Firm to understand their business priorities in order to address them by building them into my strategic recommendations for the intranet
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