Achieving a competitive edge through content management

Front cover of the conference brouchure
ECMS' is now a must have for most organisations.
Effective content management is the key to satisfying the demands of your organisation's internal and external customers.

I was invited to chair this conference in Kuala Lumpur – very flattering! At the very last minute, due to a delegate not attending, I also presented on content lifecycles.

ECM is a shift from the traditional practice of having silos of information to one that manages its content with a single view. Having an integrated ECM strategy allows the organisation to make better use of its intellectual assets, and lower its overall costs by consolidating its IT infrastructure.

The conference discussed:

  • The latest trends in the area of ECM
  • Evaluate how ECM can fit your organisation's content management requirements
  • Learn how to migrate content so as to exploit the benefits of an ECM system
  • Understand the applications that support an enterprise content delivery network
  • Discover the latest technologies to develop, capture, and manage content to support business processes, comply with governmental regulations and drive costs down

I also presented at this conference on content lifecycles covering issues such as:

  • Content life cycle components
  • Types of content life cycle
  • Other elements which impact content life cycle
  • Controls of your content
  • Archiving & Deleting
  • Other issues to consider

View the presentation (pdf; 603 KB; 18 pages)

View the conference brochure (pdf; 838 KB; 4 pages)

An important element of my chairmanship of the conference was to encourage all delegates to take part in the discussions and deal with the one or two difficult ones with skill and tact.

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