Extracting maximum value from your intranet

Front cover of the conference brouchure
This conference gave valuable insight into current thinking and practice from a range of organisations.

Managing information services - including intranets - is challenging, frustrating, but ultimately highly rewarding. With delivery dependent on a of myriad factors that often fall outside the intranet managers' control, good governance is essential for success.

This two-day conference gave valuable insight into current thinking and practice from leading industry professionals in managing intranets. In particular the following issues were discussed:

  • Demonstrating strategic value of your intranet
  • Assessing your business needs and choosing the most appropriate
  • publishing model – centralised, decentralised or hybrid
  • Justify your costs and gain senior management buy-in
  • Designing the right IT platforms
  • Using unstructured information as a business facilitator
  • Social media tools like blogs and wikis to instant messaging
  • Best practices for creating a recession-proof model for your intranet
  • Sharepoint as a CMS for the intranet

In my presentation, I talked about creating a communication culture by engaging staff through a devolved intranet. I also covered topics such as:

  • Is your intranet facilitating good sharing, collaboration and communication?
  • Assessing the usefulness of diverse modes of communication that captivate and involve your internal audience
  • Maximising the effectiveness in communication by integrating your intranet with other knowledge sharing tools

View my presentation (pdf; 39 KB; 12 pages)

View conference brochure (pdf; 491 KB; 4 pages)

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