Creating a user-centric intranet

Front cover of the conference brouchure
Intranets are not static. You will need to re-design its use as your company's needs changes.

Re-launching a user-centric intranet that adds value and meets your business objectives.

I presented at the conference soon after the work I did in harmonising AXA’s intranet architecture, web applications, and a complete re-branding of the intranet.

My presentation was on “Meeting user needs and maintaining interest with dynamic content” and covered issues such as:

  • Creating a balance between what users need and what information adds value
  • Ensuring that content can be navigated easily and consistently
  • Transforming your intranet from being high content but low quality to lower content but higher quality
  • Getting the users involved with interactive content and avoiding duplication
  • Creating intranet interest, then habit, then addiction!

View presentation (pdf; 148 KB; 14 pages).

View conference brochure (pdf;198 KB; 6 pages).

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