Streamlining web content publishing and approval

Front cover of the conference brouchure
Effective publishing and approval processes will drive consistency and accuracy of your web content.

Your website is an important resource for your organisation. Used effectively websites can strengthen the organisation’s reputation and brand, drive business and provide essential information to customers and clients.

This was the third conference that I had chaired. I also presented for the first time the concept of SLA as a quality assurance tool. I developed the concept whilst at Aon and they were so pleased with the results that they issued a press release.

As users’ online habits become increasingly sophisticated, they are demanding a consistent standard of quality content. In order to maintain and improve users’ online experience, web content professionals must ensure that effective publishing and approval guidelines are driving the consistency and accuracy of their web content. Content providers must be trained effectively in creating content and rigorous quality standards maintained for the web to be an effective channel for the organisation.

In this conference, delegates received presentations covering areas such as:

  • Best practice scenarios for monitoring and improving your content
  • Optimising your web presence
  • Encouraging users to deliver quality content
  • Choosing the best governance model for your organisation
  • Managing content across global locations
  • Role of user-generated content on external sites

View my presentation (pdf;251 KB; 14 pages)

View conference brochure (pdf;369 KB; 4 pages)

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