Overview of Ambassador roles

A lady in London Ambassador uniform with a trilby hat
London Ambassadors will make an outstanding contribution during Games Time. Photo courtesy of London Ambassadors.

To deliver the best possible customer service and visitor experience, the London Ambassadors have been organised in a number of roles, each with different responsibilities.

This is a voluntary programme. We are all London Ambassadors because, amongst other skills, we have:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A passion for London
  • Enthusiasm and energy to volunteer

However, to deliver the best possible service, we need to be organised. To do this, London Ambassadors have been allocated a role that best suits their skills and motivations.

London Ambassadors (c7,680)

The role of the Ambassador volunteer at Games time is:

  • Primarily to inform in a helpful, timely, accurate and friendly way to all visitors
  • To be able to manage certain situations that they have been trained for at Games Time
  • To assist key stakeholders in keeping London moving at Games Time


London Ambassador Flying Squad (part of the c7,680)

The role of the Flying Squad volunteer at Games time is:

  • Performing the role of the London Ambassador for the site they may be sent to
  • Support area and location managers in their roles
  • Gather visitor interaction stories and carryout legacy research work
  • Measure and fix City look and feel (i.e. minor vandalism, missing flags, etc.)


London Ambassador Mentors (part of the c7,680)

The role of the Mentor Volunteer at Games time is:

  • Supervise, support and safeguard their allocated minor volunteers appropriately during the course of their shift and ensure they adhere to the health and safety procedures.
  • Support the under 18’s while performing their own role as a London Ambassador
  • Enthuse minors about their role and build their confidence, reminding them that they have been trained and have all the skills they need to be great ambassadors.
  • To listen to any concerns and help answer them when and where possible.


Location Manager (c210)

Each of the 43 locations will be managed by a volunteer manager. The role of the location manager is:

  • To manage the Ambassadors at all times across their shifts
  • To ensure their Pod is operational at all times
  • To deal with all operational issues and log these
  • To liaise with all key stakeholders at their site


Area Managers (c100)

Each location manager reports to an area manager. The role of the area manager is:

  • To manage the London Ambassador flying squad
  • To help the location managers with all operational issues that they are unable to deal with themselves
  • To pass information and insights up to the Management Cell and take information / commands from them and act upon


Flying Squad Managers (c10 and part of the 100)

The role of the flying squad manager includes:

  • Helping with training of London Ambassadors where and when needed
  • Establishing working relationships with other visitor services – e.g. tourist information services in the defined site to develop a co-ordinated plan
  • Resolving issues and situations at the ground level where possible
  • Performing the role of either a location or area manager that they may have been re deployed to
This page was last updated on Friday, 2nd March 2012.