Strategic management of websites

A spider diagram on a glass pane with elements of website management
Strategic management is abouting looking at the bigger picture.

Strategic website management is about looking at all aspects and interfaces to your website and making decisions for the medium to long-term for the benefit of your organisation and visitors.

In this section, I give my thoughts on various aspects of strategic management that you should consider when looking at your website.

Quantitative easing – not the answer for managing websites

A lazy and feeble web manager will take the easy alternative of a quick fix on content and functionality. This creates a “debt” in managing your website that will require significant levels of “quantitative easing” to resolve.

Reasons why web projects fail

A key step in successfully closing a project is to review your lessons learnt log. All projects may be unique. However, points of failure can be assessed using the same generalities.

Agile Project Management

Organisations are sometimes like dancing elephants – they want to be agile, graceful and elegant but their size and structure makes them look inflexible, crude and ugly. An Agile Project Management approach gives the agility to succeed and keep the good concepts of project delivery while reducing risks.

Genghis Khan and website management

If Genghis Khan was alive today, what would his management style be in managing a large corporate website? Surprisingly, he practised modern management principles 900 years ago!

Choosing the right domain name

Successful websites have domain names that are short, easily remembered and supports the wider marketing activities of the company. The right choice will be the difference between success and failure.

This page was last updated on Monday, 16th April 2012.